Welcome to HIP.

Founded in September 2018, HIP is an online community focused on fostering healthcare empowerment among young people. Through Healthcare Inclined People (HIP), we hope to provide the inspiration and tools needed to become healthcare inclined.

What does healthcare inclined mean?

Healthcare inclined means that you are comfortable and confident  engaging with the healthcare system. It means you have an established relationship with a primary care doctor and the specialists you need to see. As a healthcare inclined person, you understand your insurance benefits and feel comfortable pushing back and asking questions when you don’t understand something. It means you are aware of the risks, benefits, and alternatives for the medication you are taking. It means when you get sick or hurt, your instinct is to turn towards the healthcare system–not to avoid it.

Is HIP political?

The information is intended to be non-partisan and aimed at newly insured and newly independent healthcare consumers – college students, young adults enrolling for the first time, and those aging out of their parents’ plans. I’m hoping to return us all to a time when healthcare wasn’t political–it was just a thing we used to take care of ourselves and others.

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